Sunday, April 19, 2009

Steakhouse Steak at Home

1 top quality rib-eye, stip, t-bone or other beef steak
Salt, pepper and granulated garlic to taste (or use your favorite steak seasoning)
1 T flour
1 t canola oil
1/2 t olive oil
1 T soy sauce
1 T butter, melted
1 t lemon juice

Heat a cast iron skillet over high heat until it is very hot. Water should sizzle and evaporate instantly when a few drops are splashed onto the preheated skillet.

Meanwhile, season steak to taste with desired steak seasoning. Lightly rub steak with flour on top and bottom. This helps to form a crust similar to that achieved in steakhouses.

Pour oils into hot skillet and swirl to coat surface. Pour off any excess. Place steak in hot skillet. Cook until well-browed and crusted. Turn and cook until other side is well-browned and crusted.

Cook to desired degree of doneness. For most steaks, the browning process will be ample cooking time to achieve rare to medium rare. For steak more done, lower heat slightly and cook until steak is medium.

Remove pan from heat and add soy sauce, butter and lemon juice. Swirl and baste the steak in the sauce, making sure to cover all surfaces.

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